Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Too good to last

 Well, some kitten made it OVER the panels. The good news, we get the living room back:

The bad news is there is a small gray kitten loose in the house. Not sure where he slept last night except it wasn't with mom. He could be heard running the halls occasionally but nothing bad. 

Clearly being free is hard work. 


The boys from the Celtic Kittens go to be neutered tomorrow then up to the adoption center. Mom told the vet to just microchip the tabby boys and assign each ibe a nake since we still can't tell them apart. Hahaha

Hopefully the girls will go soon then mom can get the room back.


  1. I guess his name should be Houdini. :)

  2. What a character! I'm sure the other cats are thrilled.

    Good luck to the Celtic kittens, hopefully they'll all be in their forever homes soon.

  3. gordon; 984 PAWS UP little dood :) ☺☺♥♥

  4. Always fun breaking out of "jail" MOL

  5. Breaking out and being free is exhausting! :)


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