Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Uh oh....

 Mom went in to feed the kittens the other day and one of the girls slipped by the door and into the airlock (which is why it is there). Upon seeing Ivy and Daiquiri, she did this:

It also makes mom laugh to watch us around the house. Normally we don't snuggle too much with each other. But the top of the bed next to mom's pillow is a prime spot. It is normally taken by the oldest cat in the house: Butterscotch, then Maestro, then Tim  then Mozart and now Ivy. 

However every once in a while Daiq decides to join her and mom will wake up to this:


  1. Kitten must have thought the giants wanted to eat her!
    Two cats trying to hold the same napping spot, makes for giggling humans.

  2. I love how the little ones do their most menacing pose when startled.

    Apparently Ivy doesn't mind Daiquiri invading her space. They look cozy!

  3. You two are enough to make my mom wish she could lay her head nicely on you both...and smooch ya.

  4. My human loves seeing kittens act out their inner Halloween cat!

  5. "I'm a big and scary kitty! (Well, I have puffy furs and a puffy tail, anyway.)"


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