Monday, May 3, 2021

Not quite big enough

 The plan was to try to get collars on one of the tabby boys and one of the girls. Turns out they aren't quite big enough. The tabby boys don't quite look alike but they are very hard to tell apart.

The girls are hard to identify as they are moving around. One of them does have a white locket 9n her chest so that helps....but you had to catch them to check.

And then there is the boy with his tail light.

About the Kitty Kasa behind Taliesin - that is duct tape you see. The cubes all have a cut out cat face. A foster we follow on Instagram had one of her foster kittens get a leg stuck in the cutout. The kitten was fine but it made mom worry so she covered them up. They also has bern turned backwards but are now turned around so they can be used now that the kittens are bigger.


  1. Ha! Don't I know the pleasures of trying to figure out which cat is which, and in the end resorting to looking at bellies for those telling tufts of white fur!

  2. They are so freaking adorable. The mom bean just loves the tabbies and their coloring.

  3. Dad remembers the fun of trying to figure out who was who when he was fostering. Love the little one with that tiny tail tip. He will always stand out

  4. They're so cute. The face of the one in the second photo. LOVE


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