Wednesday, February 10, 2021

New toy

 Well things are pretty much the same around here.

Quick note: it is really really cold here. Mom worries a lot about our feral girl Allie. The food in the garage hadn't been touched on Monday and mom was freaking out. But mom ran put quick last night and Allie had eaten and actually was in the garage. Sigh....


  1. ewe wee small kittenz iz bee comin wee small sorta all most mee dium sized !!!
    984 pawz UP for yur moovee ☺☺☺

    allie; stay safe & healthee & warm ♥♥♥

  2. Dad worries about our feral too. When it snows or is very cold she will miss a day of eating but then empties the bowl. They are so tough. Love the play. Kittens find so much joy in the small things. We need to remind ourselves of that.

  3. It's really cold here too, and we're glad to be indoors.

    Tama an Genji

  4. I'm glad Allie is okay! This is a worrisome time of year for feral kitties.

  5. Ooh, yes...I know that fear when a feral doesn't show, or when the temps are seriously frigid.

  6. It is sad that there are so many feral cats out there in the cold but I am glad that there are people like you to help many of them.

  7. We're happy to hear that Ali showed up. Those kittens are too stinking adorable!


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