Monday, February 15, 2021

Geez it's cold

 It has been FRIGID here for over a week. Supposed to stay cold for a least another week with maybe 4 to 8 inches of snow this week.

Mom always worries about our feral girl Allie but even more so now. So she went out and ordered a heated cat house that can be plugged in to be put in the garage.

It's made by K&H and made to be outside. It seems pretty sturdy though mom used several HBO words getting it zipped together. It does have a clear flap in the front that mom wonders if she is going to have to remove. 

Since mom isn't leaving the house every day, she doesn't always see Allie. But the food is being eaten and she did see Allie on Friday and she looks ok. 


Mom spent part of Saturday on the road going another bloodhound. Someone got Hank as a puppy and he spent most of his life on a chain. We this weekend he got a serious upgrade and is heading to NJ to be a search and rescue dog.


  1. Your Allie and our PO'M! There is a warming pad inside The Cat Hotel, but PO'M is always on the other floor.
    Good luck to you, Hank!

  2. Allie is well for a feral cat - hope she's using the cat hotel. As for Hank, what a wonderful opportunity for a good outcome.

  3. We hope Allie is okay. We always worry about the outside cats.

  4. I'm glad you are looking out for Allie. Plus helping out that poor bloodhound get to a better life.


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