Monday, February 8, 2021

A weird day in rescue

 *a post from the mom

For anyone in rescue, you know it can be a total up and down adventure.

Friday was totally one of those days. The alarm went off and when I turned it off I discovered a text from another volunteer that the family that adopted Annatto who was here as a foster in August 2017. For new readers, he was surrendered to a local vet. When they tested him they discovered he was FIV+ and sent him to rescue. Of course Colony Cats believes FIV+ and negative cats can live together, so I took him to foster and introduced him to the spice kittens and when they were adopted, he met Goldfish.

Well his name is now Roe and his family adores him. 

So that's a pretty great way to start the morning. 

However, later that morning I got a text from the director of the rescue. I had done an adoption on Wednesday to a family of two cats - one went home and the other we kept back when we realized she had a big bump over her spay incision. She was seen by the vet the next day. Friday morning the volunteers came in and found she had passed away over night. She was 3 years old and super sweet. I had to call the family who was waiting for an update on when they could take her home only to have to tell them that she had died. (before you judge, I offered to contact them since I had met them all on Wednesday) Fortunately the family was very understanding and will be coming in next week to see if they meet another cat to adopt.


  1. Aww, a bittersweet day. I'm glad Roe has a wonderful forever home, but am very sad to read of the other cat's passing. I hope the family will find another kitty that will be the right fit for their home. ♥

  2. roe ewe iz one handsum dood !!! manee happee long healthee yeerz a head two ewe ~~~ ♥♥

    N we R sorree two lurn bout kitty ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Roe has got some cattitude!
    Purring for the sweet kitty that passed, and hope that family will find a purrfect kitty to complete them.
    We want to save them all, but we don't hold all of the cards.

  4. Roe looks like he has a really loving home and it is so nice to get an update on a successful rescue. So sorry for that family, and kitty, but they are going to continue with another cat and that makes our hearts sing

  5. Roe is very cute but I would have kept the name Goldfish. It is very sad to lose a cat that is only three years old.

    1. Roe was originally Annatto. Goldfish is now our youngest kitty here

  6. I'm so sorry about the kitty that passed, no one should judge. I think it was incredible that you called them and didn't have the Vet do it. You do so much!! I am happy that Roe is adored as he should be and pray the family who lost their kitty will find another to love.

  7. That was an up and down day. I'm sad about the kitty who died, but it's always nice to see how a adoptee is doing.

  8. What a bittersweet day. Such great adoption follow up news, but then to lose that young cat so suddenly. We are so sorry.

  9. Such a shame about the cat who passed away but I'm grateful to hear Roe is doing so well.


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