Thursday, February 18, 2021


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I don't raise bottle babies. I have done it once and baby sat for a weekend. It is HARD!! I have all the respect in the world for those fosters that take bottle babies and raise them. They are so fragile and it can be seriously heartbreaking. Those fosters pull out all the stops to save these tiny lives and are always looking for new resources to help them. 

Right now there are two main brands of replacement milk out there being used to bottle feed tiny kittens and puppies. There is a new brand coming out from Tailspring that is available on their website and Amazon. The main difference in this new product is it is goat milk based. They have learned that goat milk is easier for small puppies and kittens to digest and therefore can cause less side effects. They are a division of a larger company that sells products for people as well.

What struck me right off the bat was the difference in the ingredient list. Tailspring has so many less additives. They are using human grade ingredients and trying to keep their product as clean as they possibly can for the animals they serve. 

I did get a sample of the Tailspring kitten formula from the company.

This will be great to keep on hand for future kittens. While I don't take bottle babies, I have had some I want to supplement. It comes in cans that need to be used within 72 hours once opened. The powder will stay good and once opened will keep for 3 months in the fridge. That would totally get me through most of kitten season here in the mid west. 

I admit, this will be added to my supply closet. I try to keep something on hand "just in case". I priced out the difference between this and KMR (which most rescues use) and it is $5 more - which isn't bad when you consider it doesn't have all the additives. 

They don't recommend this for adults except maybe as the occasional treat due to the added lactose. Kittens can process it up to a certain age, but then lose that ability and cannot process the lactose. 

I wish I had known about this when I first got the muffin kittens - it would have been a much better thing to use to supplement Cranberry when he was so tiny. 

Thanks to Tailspring for the samples, supporting rescue and coming out with a product to help those tiny babies that need the most.


  1. How awesome that you have such a quality product you can use as a supplement with your foster kittens! Love that the ingredient list with Tailspring is so much shorter and has less additives.

  2. Darn. They don't seem to ship to Canada. But I'll check and see if they have distribution here.

  3. We have done a few litters of bottle babies in the past and Einstein was one. Good to know

  4. Sounds like great stuff! One of our vets went entirely to powdered goat milk formula a few years ago, but KMR is definitely easier to find. I'd love to get a sample for the rescue--we still have bottle babies coming through now. I have bottle fed, but they weren't neonates, they were about two weeks old at with point they are far less fragile and the feedings can be spaced farther apart. Mostly I've fed them in the field and until they get to their destination bottle feeder.

  5. I've known several human babies who had to use goat's milk !!! glad to learn this product is on the market now; I'm going to mention their name to a few people ..thanx !

  6. I have adult cats that have come in over the years (we are all growing older together...) but sometimes I would like a supplement for some of them as they get ailing. Thanks.

  7. Wow, this sounds like excellent milk replacer. I like the fact that there are no additives.

  8. Sounds like a great option for bottle babies!

  9. Tailspring sounds like a really great option for bottle babies! We will share with our friends who are bottle baby raiser extraordinaires!

  10. The pet food industry keeps thriving and changing...hopefully always for the better!