Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Year in review

 It's been quite a year. 

We had the Spartan kittens, the kitchen kittens, the cabbage kittens, the capital kittens, the happy kittens, the Texas flower kittens and now the muffins. We feel very luck that everyone has been adopted including our momma cats Ree and Huzzah. We had some heartbreak but we know that happens. 

All the permanent residents here including our girl Allie continue to do well. Daiquiri and Ivy seem to be doing much better after their dental cleanings so that's good news. Ivy needs a senior check up and mom swears Goldfish is getting seen....some day. Haha

Mom also says we've been lucky. She's been able to work from home and our friends and family have stayed safe and healthy. We know there are been so many losses this year for so many. 

The rescue is doing well too. Mom has been super busy with paperwork and applications. We've seen lots of adoptions, including some of the long term cats. Yay!!

We wish you a happy and healthy and wonderful 2021. 


  1. It sounds like, all in all, you had a good year, especially considering the pandemic and all the other craziness that was 2020. Thank you for all you do to help so many. Love and wishes for a great 2021 to you!

  2. The look back reminds me how many cats and kittens can be grateful for your care both as you foster and as they transfer to their forever homes. Thank you!

    Wishing you and all you love the best in 2021.

  3. I'm glad 2020 has been good for you. We were affected way less by the pandemic ourselves, and we are grateful for that.

  4. Looks like it was a pretty good year! Wishing you the best for a wonderful 2021!

  5. Thanks so much for all you have done for these kitties! You will be blessed. Happy Mew Year Friends!
    Timmy and Family


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