Monday, December 14, 2020

A few things

 Good news (if you missed it): Huzzah was adopted on Wednesday. Her new mom is in her early 20s and a first time cat owner, but Huzzah is a good fit. Mom got a text that the first night she was on a smaller room. Next morning she decided enough of that and slipped out into the house when the door opened. 

The Texas kittens were spayed and neutered on Friday. Sunday they got their microchips and are now at the adoption center ready to go home.

And....Hibiscus, Lantana and Verbena all got adopted!

The muffin kittens have a new version of baby jail in the living room. They have more room to bounce around. They can't get out (yet) though the girls can get in to check the food bowls for leftovers.

So baby jail 2.0 lasted about 4 hours before Cranberry realized he could climb over. We have moved on to baby jail 3.0. Mom has to clean the foster room and them they will go in there, though still in the crate for another week.


  1. We saw the great news on your Instagram account and are thrilled about all the adoptions! The new babies are keeping your mom on her toes, we see. :-)

  2. I love good news, and I just love those fluffy muffin kits!

  3. That is such good news that they have homes. Yes Dad remembers the foster Room with the Isolation cage. They went in there until the were checked over and grew a bit then off into the wilds of the room.

  4. Yeah, I didn't think baby jail 2.0 would work for very long!

  5. Huzzah for Huzzah (and Hibiscus, Lantana and Verbena, too)!

    And we're sorry baby jail didn't work out so well.

  6. Lots of activity and lots of fun!


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