Monday, November 11, 2019

kitten update

Dragon in her lair

Selkie thinks he is hiding

you have offended the Wyvern

Gargoyle acts like the code inspector
Selkie's choice of hiding spot may not pass

The kittens are doing pretty well. Gargoyle is still being....herself. :) She is 14 kinds of opinionated - about everything. You are combing her wrong. She hasn't been fed in a timely manner. Those new kittens showed up without her permission. On and on....

And now she is mad at mom too - it seems that Dragon decided to share her cooties and now Gargoyle has them. So they are both being medicated. And no one is happy about it (including mom - she is tired of being stabbed by Dragon). Fortunately Dragon is feeling much better and it out of the cube most of the time and playing.

Selkie and Wyvern are a little shy which is understandable. But they LOVE toys and food, so mom is using those as bribes. We bet they come around in no time.


  1. Wyvern is some kind of cute. Bet that one is going be personality plus. Have a great day.

  2. We're sorry to hear that Gargoyle has cooties, but her adventures make us laugh. We live with that same cattitude in a tux every day.

  3. Dragon and Gargoyle...get better soon!
    Humans only like to play pincushion for just so long...

  4. Gargoyle, you're a character! We sure hope you're feeling better soon and that all the kittens get over their fears.

  5. Ugh, the kitten crud sucks! I'm glad Dragon is much better, and I hope Gargoyle follows suit soon.

  6. I'm growing to like Gargoyle quite a bit...

  7. They’re all so cute. We hope Dragon and Gargoyle feel better soon.


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