Friday, November 8, 2019

New kittens

Mom had sort of been on the hunt for additional kittens for a little while. Gargoyle needs some friends and Dragon just doesn't feel well enough yet to put up with her shenanigans.

Wednesday night mom was volunteering for her shift at the rescue. The director walked by and said "would you like more monkey?". Well of course.....

Mom cat is feral and has been spayed and returned to her territory. They were hanging out at a muffler shop. Since they are joining the #mythicalkittens group, they got appropriate names. They just came into the rescue yesterday and a little worse for wear. They have big bellies so most likely worms as they are also thin around the ribs. They are acting mostly scared though not "feral" - just freaked out (go figured - caught, caged, transported, then released into a completely strange place). 

brown tabby and probably long haired
not sure about gender yet

short haired and a boy

her poor nose....
Mom doesn't think she cares so much about new kittens

yes - getting a picture of that kitten is a pain

oh hey look - she can sit still (for about .2 seconds)

The kittens tested negative and have had a vaccine and started dewormer medication. Since we know their tests are negative, mom put them into the foster room. Dragon was more interested in dinner being served (OK - we are glad she is eating, but it is funny). Gargoyle on the other hand was TOTALLY offended at new kittens being in HER room. She growled, hissed and raised the paw of doom (can you really call it that if she weighs less than 2 pounds?) and generally acted like a bad hostess.

Mom gave the kittens overnight and Thursday morning to settle into the house. She is spending Thursday afternoon with them to help them settle and try to comb out Wyvern. The faster they get used to mom, the faster they will get all lovey and be ready to get adopted. They aren't 2 pounds yet so we have some time. 


  1. We're glad they found their way to you. Between you and Connie, you both work miracles and give kittens the best possible start in life.

  2. They are all too cute. Glad you are doing this for those kittens. Hopefully they will find homes soon.

  3. We know that you'll socialize-up these sweet babes; their tough start in life is now a thing of the past!

  4. They're cute but it's pretty clear they've been living rough. I'm sure it won't take long until they're happy to get well fed and loved on.

  5. oh so much cuteness! Hope they settle in and get friendly fast!

  6. The image of Gargoyle with the Paw of Doom makes me MOL!

  7. Poor little Selkie... And what's with the big feet on that Gargoyle?

  8. Oh goodness, dad just muttered something about wanting to take all of these beautiful little critters home. Oh dear...


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