Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Christmas Village

we have our own Christmas village

Mom didn't intend to buy another scratcher from Target, but the camper was just too cute. The picture on the box shows kittens so she wasn't sure about the size, but as you can see, it fits one adult cat just right. Chanel has tried to fit 2 cats in there, but it isn't big enough for that.

The middle ski chalet is from last year. The blue one was a gift from some friends that apparently mom put somewhere for "safe keeping" and forgot about until she stumbled up on it this past weekend.

Chanel may have been the first one inside, but Daiquiri quickly took over residency after that. One of the houses is usually occupied at some point during the day.


  1. This makes me sad that Target didn't survive Canada. I would kill for the camper! For my sister (well, her cats) who has a trailer and goes camping all the time. The cats stay home with a sitter. I think it'd be fun for them to have their own camper. And my sister is one of those crazies who starts decorating for Christmas in October. Lol. All I can find online are DIYs. THAT'S not happening. ;-)

  2. We think that little Christmas village is just the greatest. Looks like they are all enjoying it. Have a great day.

  3. Very cute, and it's terrific that there is constant occupancy!

  4. It’s nice when items like the little houses get some use. Often, things I buy for my cats just lie there. Well, the track-ball game is useful for lying on…

  5. Adorable! You guys have the bestest Christmas village ever!

  6. We only have the chalet. I feel like I am being cheated!


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