Monday, August 19, 2019

weekend update

Well last week certainly sucked. Mom got a text on Thursday evening that the couple that had adopted Enigma came in that night and wanted to let the rescue (and mom) know that he had been euthanized on Monday for FIP. We hate that stupid disease.....  RIP Enigma/Anubis. We know your mom and dad loved you very much and miss you terribly.

Wait? Where we going??

Mom took Lane and Fate to the local partner store where she helps clean. Normally they would go up to the adoption center but there was an opening and mom wants to see if they could get adopted from the store. The cage isn't very big so if they are there more than a couple of weeks, mom will move them to the adoption center. They would probably go in the juvenile kitten room and there are quite a few kittens there are the moment and mom is afraid they will get overlooked.

Lane and Fate are both 4 months old, tested negative for FIV/FeLV, fully vaccinated and microchipped. They don't have to go together but would do very well together or would need to be in a home committed to keeping them busy or with another younger cat as they are both very active. That said, they are also so very very sweet. They are in central Ohio.

We had these two for quite a while and this was a hard one for mom leaving them up there.

The bug kittens continue to do well. They are wild and crazy but also so very sweet and love to come up and climb on mom for some love when she is in there with them.


  1. F***ing FIP. So cruel. I know amazing research is being done but I really wish they'd hurry up. So sorry about Enigma. We had some great adoptions from our stores on the weekend. I hope Lane and Fate have the same luck!

  2. Oh that is so sad about Enigma. Hope that Lane and Fate get adopted really soon. You all have a good day. Again we are so sorry about Enigma.

  3. Very sad about Enigma. This has been such a hard year with panleuk here, it isn’t fair that FIP is rearing its head, too.

  4. Farwell, Angel Enigma...this really hurts.

  5. Mom bean is shedding some tears for Enigma. Life just isn't fair.

    Purrs for Lane and Fate, we hope they find their furever home soon.

  6. RIP little Enigma.. He and Mopar weren't littermates were they ? Purrayers for all the kitties.

    1. no Enigma was from the decoder group earlier this summer

  7. Oh so sad about Enigma! We purr that Fate and Lane finds their homes soon.

  8. Godspeed, Enigma. Some lives are tragically short.

  9. Poor Enigma, that's so sad. Our paws are crossed for Fate and Lane!

  10. These two look thick as thieves! They're going to spice up some lives!


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