Friday, July 5, 2019

new scratching post

Mom was asked by Art of Paws if she would be willing to do a review of their tall scratching post for a reduced cost on the purchase. Mom loves their products and was happy to get in on the deal. (disclaimer: we didn't get the product free but we did get a very reduced price. the savings does NOT affect our opinions. everything expressed here is our own thoughts)

It comes in pieces in a box but was very easy to screw together - it took mom all of about 20 minutes. Once assembled, she took it in to the foster room to let the kittens have a try with it. The base is fairly wide making it very stable but it was lighter than mom was expecting when she picked it up. 

Fate was the first contestant to check it out. Mom had to set him up to it but once he realized he could climb it, he was pretty entertained. 

The top of the post is wide and comes with a bed that velcros to the post itself. Due to their size, the kittens weren't able to climb up the post and then get up on top. Mom put Lane up there to check it out and made sure it was sitting next to the storage boxes for an easy exit. However, Lane did decide at one point to jump from the top, so it won't be staying in with the kittens. 

a good vantage point for surveying his kingdom

yes kittens - it IS further down than you think

Of course once the kittens gave it a try, Goldfish had to give it a good sniff too.

Mom is slowing upgrading our furniture in the house to make it look a little nicer. This piece is certainly cat furniture, but it is VERY nicely done and looks nicer than our old carpet covered pieces. Plus, this is super tall and the base wide enough so that it won't tip over.

If you are looking for a nice tall scratcher, this is a good piece to add to your collection. We give it 5 paws up!!


  1. An excellent scratcher! Kittens just love to explore everything.

  2. Looks good! Enjoy your new "fur"niture.

  3. guyz....yur new scratcher DOEZ look awesum !!! N joy it ☺☺♥♥

  4. Looks like a great scratcher. Maybe they will learn how to get down, like the cats get down from a tree. You all have a fantastic weekend.

  5. looks like a lovely scratcher and your kitty models are adorable!

  6. We got to try this scratcher too and it is pawsome. Very nicely made and it looks good too.

  7. We've tried this one! I can't get my cats (okay, Ellie ... Bear will never use a scratching post) to use it. Ellie scratches once and then runs off so I can't get a picture! I nipped it up and everything!

  8. We have this one in our living room. It does look nice! Woodrow and Sophie take turns sitting on the top of it.

  9. That looks like a great cat tree! Thanks for the thorough review!


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