Wednesday, July 3, 2019

that banging time of year

Well...summer is here and along with it comes the need by some to light off fireworks.

Mom knows she is lucky in that most of us don't freak out about loud noises. Goldfish is afraid of the trash truck (every freaking week) and Daiquiri doesn't like thunder and thereby doesn't like fireworks. She hides under the bed and won't come out until it is over. But it could be much worse.

However, in addition to pets, there are people out there that can't stand the banging noises. It startles wildlife and causes accidents. Not to mention the number of animals that escape and end up in shelters every year - and if they are lucky manage to get caught before they get injured.

We know that people think of fireworks as a form of celebration. Just PLEASE if you want to enjoy them, find a local city or municipality and enjoy their shows. No one in your neighborhood needs fireworks going off near their houses (not to mention it is illegal in most areas to let them off close to residences).

Some tips from the ASPCA about keeping safe over the 4th.

And more from the AVMA:
  1. make sure your animals are microchipped (you should do this anyhow)
  2. make sure your information is UP TO DATE with the microchip company
  3. register microchips with the manufacturer and also
  4. have additional id for your pet - tags with your name & phone number (Chanel's also has our email address)
  5. have a safe space available - a crate or a spot in a closet or bathroom

Be safe....


  1. Our Canada Day fireworks were pretty tame, I think. I could hear them go off, but they were down at a waterfront park, not close by. The Victoria Day fireworks in May, however, were set off closer to my area and my gosh, they were LOUD. The boys were a bit unsettled, but weren't terribly upset.

    I'll wish you a happy and SAFE 4th of July!

  2. Fireworks are so very war-like; maybe it's time for a change! Angel hates thunder, fireworks AND, the garbage truck, and over 15 years we haven't found a way to calm her, other than to leave her alone under the bathtub, dresser, or inside the linen closet. Da Boyz do not seem anything...well, except the vacuum cleaner.

  3. We are soooooo over fireworks and there aren't supposed to be fired off around here anymore. But people do what they want and know there are only so much the police can do. We'll all be under the bed tomorrow, in our fort with Mom reading to us by flashlight and giving us treats and snuggles. Have a safe day!

  4. no joke; a few years back a coyote was running in between house trying to find a place to escape the noise.... they started here last weekend....hello people it's still...JUNE ????? happy 4th and be safe ♥♥

  5. Fireworks are no joke. We're lucky in that Gracie and Ava don't seem to be bothered by them, but so many animals and people are. Ugh. Thanks for posting this great list of tips, Jeanne. Happy, safe Fourth!

  6. I'm so glad we are not near fireworks! We live in a fire zone, and most people take that seriously, so the noise is mostly farther away from us.


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