Monday, July 8, 2019

eat it or wear it

**sorry we are late - mom screwed up (again....we may have to look into getting new help around here)

The kittens have been getting canned food in the morning and evening now for a couple of days. Lane and Mopar were feeling a little skinny and they need to be putting on weight for the amount of running around they do all the time. They will eat the dry, but break open a can and they act like they haven't eaten in days. Heck - this morning Mopar launched himself at mom and hung off her shirt as she got breakfast ready.

Lane and Mopar can get a little growly with each other (and poor Fate - he has no idea what to do with those two). Mom won't put up with it, so the offender gets picked up and moved off for a minute.

hey Fate - you have something on your head

Mopar guarding his meal

yep - good stuff

little clean up after meal time (Lane)

clean up crew
**only if mom opens a large can - otherwise the kittens eat EVERYTHING


  1. Oh, the Velcro Kitten stage! MOL! Thank goodness for the clean up crew!

  2. You could use a 55 gallon-drum of wet food, to feed these sweet baby beasts!

  3. Silly kittens! Though mom bean says we get pretty loud too when she opens a can of stinky goodness here too.

  4. guyz....if thatz.....BURD.......we knead ta haza :) ☺☺♥♥

  5. Kittens are cute... but my human says there is a reason we aren't adopting any anytime soon!


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