Friday, June 7, 2019

got nip

Our friend Miss Z gave mom some fresh catnip for us to try. While it SEEMED interesting, no one really seemed to care much after the first sniff. Mom finally gave one leaf to the kittens and Cipher ate the whole thing - though no "nip" effects.
Ivy checks it out

Goldfish: but what IS it?

Junior says...maybe

Chanel gives it a sniff

We hope you have a restful weekend. This will be the only weekend that mom doesn't have plans, so we will be taking advantage of that and doing some serious snoozing (oh wait - we do that no matter what).


  1. Guess the nip wasn't a hit. I don't think the kitties here like it much either. You all have a great weekend.

  2. No cat has EVER missed a scheduled nap, not EVER!

  3. We're not much for fresh nip either but Saku luvs dried stuff. Have a great weekend efurryone! We'll be napping too.

  4. Enjoy your snoozing this weekend. We hope to do the same!

  5. We're not overly thrilled with fresh catnip either. I don't know where some of these cat toy companies get their nip... but theirs is way better than when we dry our fresh nip!

  6. Have enough of that nip and you'll all be snoozing all weekend.

  7. I keep catnip away from the cosy apartment. It has too many bad effects. My cats will just have to get by on the joys of each other's company. (Uh-huh...)

  8. We find it's hit or miss with the fresh nip. But dry it out? Now you're talking! :)

    Enjoy your weekend off, Mom Jeanne!


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