Wednesday, June 5, 2019

fun and games

Oh hey - all four kittens (Hoover, Dyson, Enigma and Puzzle) that went up to the adoption center have been....ADOPTED!! Hoover went home with another kitten, Puzzle has an older cat in his new home and the others went home as singles (though mom did Enigma's adoption and let them know if he gets lonely that we still have his brother).

the danger nugget
Miss Fate was tested on Saturday and is negative for FeLV/FIV so she is now in the foster kitten room with Roomba and Cipher. Roomba isn't too sure about her and Cipher was thrilled that mom brought him a new toy.

ok - mostly thrilled - haha


They are actually all getting along fairly well. Mom heard some baby howling Saturday afternoon. She can check the web cams on her phone (since they stop screwing around if she comes up to the door). She was expecting maybe it was Fate. Nope - it was Roomba getting chewed on BY Fate. Oh well. Cipher thinks it is all fun and games until the new toy bites back. That doesn't stop either one of them from running after each other and banging around the room. It is a good thing kittens are mostly rubber and fluff considering that Cipher is sometimes none too gentle with Fate. Roomba will play with them but seems more content to watch them screw around.


  1. Glad all those kitties found homes. Looks like Roomba is holding her own. Good wrestling match. Have a great day.

  2. We're glad to hear all the kittens found homes. We're sure Miss Fate and Roomba will too once they are ready.

  3. lee kewl iz thiz !!!! de best oh any N all typez oh fishez
    two ewe hoover, dyson, enigma N puzzle...happee gotcha N heerz ta 37 mor!!!


  4. Yippee for adoptions! And hopeful the singleton will get a brother!

  5. Wonderful news for the kittens who have found their furever homes! That little Fate sure gives as good as she gets, MOL!

  6. Happy to hear the kittens found a forever home. I remember when Brulee came to live with us and Truffle was 12 weeks older than Brulee. I'd hear squealing and pull Truffle off of Brulee, but then Brulee would jump up and go after Truffle again.

  7. That's such awesome news! Congratulations to the kittens and their new families. :)

    Fates a little toughie, isn't she???

  8. What wonderful news. When I am afraid that the world's cat-lovers are becoming saturated and there is no more room - room is found for more. Wonderful!

    I wanted to thank you for your kind remarks on Parker's passing. He was one of a kind - as are they all - and I will miss him. Thank you.

  9. Ha! Learning how to be kitties! I'm glad to hear of all the adoptions!

  10. Yay! We're so glad they got adopted! These babies are just so cute. Thanks for visiting our blog today. We're sorry we haven't been visiting much lately. We hope Mommy's job slows down soon!


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