Friday, May 3, 2019

Random Fridays

She is still very much not happy with the other adult cats, but again at least is able to be distracted. She got all ticked off the other day when mom was in there as some cat was on the other side of the door. Bissell sure can make a lot of racket and she whacked the door a couple of times. She IS getting better about smacking at mom, so that is a good thing.

Something else interesting happened last week though. While Miss Z was here and entertaining the decoder kittens in the playpen, mom took food from the table and went to get their dinner ready. They know the sounds of the container and started howling like the beasts they are. Mom couldn't hear anything, but apparently Bissell started chirping from the foster room as it seems "starving" kittens make her upset. Which makes mom wonder if she might be ok with other kittens in there. Who knows?? The main reason the decoder kittens were kept on their own (besides getting vaccinated and a little snot) was mom wasn't sure she could trust Bissell.

Speaking of the decoder kittens, they are doing well though they will never be very big. Both of mom's friends that were over last weekend were amazed when mom told them how old the boys actually are as compared to their size (born 2/25/19). They are still super social and friendly and their snot has cleared up as well.

some tuxedo cat is suspicious of your intentions
(and yes, she LOVES to sleep on that scratcher)

her favorite perch
(and also suspicious - must be a tuxedo thing)


  1. Goldfish, it is all right to be suspicious. The decoder kittens are too cute. Love how they are all meowing at the same time. Have a super day.

  2. My fractious mom cat has made huge strides. Especially the last few days since her kitten got adopted. She follows me around, especially to the bathroom! ;-) I got brave enough to try and pick her up. She was fine -- for a short time. Last night she was sitting beside me licking my hand! I suspect most of the issues are mine now. I need to learn to trust her. Lol. I hope Bissell makes the same progress.

  3. The image of the three kittens with their mouths open says a lot! Like baby birds, wanting the whole grasshopper shoved down their yaps...

  4. It's good that Bissell isn't quite to whappy with mom. All the kittens are adorable and we're kind of partial to Goldfish and Chanel. :)

  5. Bissell sounds like an uber-great Kitty Mom.

  6. food servizz gulr hada bissell onze N it made a lotta rackit two ;) ♥♥

  7. That would be nice if Bissell was good with the kittens!

  8. Love the photo with all the kittens meowing!

  9. Bissell seems like a very good momma. And we're glad she is getting better about (not) smacking the human mom!


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