Monday, May 6, 2019

weekend report

family picture

Bissell went back to the rescue on Saturday and will be spayed today. She managed to get out of the foster room about 11pm on Friday and went after Daiquiri and Chanel. No one was hurt but Bissell was VERY angry.

Mom is hoping that her being spayed and away from the kittens will calm her down some. Bissell is still kind of hard to read but right now mom isn't sure if it is hormones, kittens, both or just Bissell. Until she is spayed and away from the kittens, it is hard to say. And since she either figured out the door or Daiquiri pushed it open, it causes a scary situation for mom. So back to the rescue and some decompression. She will be by herself for a few days after being spayed while the rescue gets a better handle on her attitude toward other cats. Mom is very sure she shouldn't be with kids, so that will be part of it.

We aren't sure when it happened, but guess who had a birthday on Sunday??  Goldfish turned 1 year old. HAPPY Birthday sweet girl!!!

Mom went shopping on Saturday and bought a new harness for Chanel. She isn't sure what she thinks about it, but she sure is cute.


  1. Good luck to Bissell re: her spay; we'll keep our paws crossed all goes well. And happy birthday to Goldfish! :-)

    P.S. Chanel sure IS adorable in that harness! Though you'd never catch us mancats wearing something frilly like that. Hahaha.

  2. We hope the spaying will help Bissell's attitude.Chanel, we sure like your new harness. You will be the talk of everyone when you go out and about. Have a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday, Goldfish! How did a year slip by that quickly?!?
    Chanel, that harness is too darn cute; or is it just you? ;-)
    Lack of those hormones have got to make some difference for fingers are crossed for that.

  4. Best of luck, Bissell. WE hope you feel better inclined toward other cats after you're spayed.

    Chanel looks lovely in her new harness.

    How old was Goldfish when she came to live with you? It seems like she hasn't been there so long, and now she's 1? Happy birthday, Goldfish!

    1. right?? mom has been telling people she is 10 months old and then saw her birthday on the calendar. she was maybe 10 weeks old when we got her

  5. Happy Birthday, Goldfish ! You look so pretty, Chanel ! We hope the spaying will calm Bissel. Purrs

  6. it is an adorable harness. A few people gushing over how adorable she is and she'll love it. Happy Birthday Goldfish.

    I had a mother cat break out of my foster room and chase Jack around the house.. that was the end of that and she went back to the shelter when they opened.

  7. Happy Purrthday Goldfish - and many more !

    We hope things work out for Bissell, as well as all the kittens.

  8. Happy birthday to Goldfish! That is an awesome harness - I know because I have the same one! I think it looks lovely on Chanel.

  9. We sure hope spaying will improve Bissell disposition. Mom bean says being away from the kittens will likely help - time away from her kids was always appreciated.

    Happy Birthday miss Goldfish, you're adorable. And so are you Chanel!

  10. Wow. Bissell is like the uber-protective Momma. Hopefully she'll chill a bit. Happy birthday to Goldfish.

  11. We hope all went well for Bissell and she learns to chill out. :) Happy Birthday to Goldfish!

  12. Such golden eyes Goldfish has...

    Bissell sounds like she is dissatisfied with life right now. I suspect now that she is spayed, her attitude will be a little different.


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