Friday, May 10, 2019

more kittens

vacuum kittens: Hoover, Dyson and Roomba

Hoover getting his thruup on

those boys always look so surprised

nope - no birds in here

So the decoder kittens finally got new names - and new collars. Our Fairy Catmother sent collars that are small enough to fit kittens. Green stayed green, Yellow stayed yellow, and the FCM decided Screamy could be neon orange since he's loud. hahaha

Anyhow, mom decided since she needed to do their paperwork, she should actually assign names: yellow is Cipher; green is Enigma; orange is Puzzle. If you are watching the web cam, the nice part is that these collars show up pretty well on the camera. The black kitten without a collar is Roomba.

All 6 kittens are getting along really well. The nice part is that since the decoders are so darn friendly, they have convinced the vacuums to be the same. Dyson is no where near as skittish as he had been - he is now coming up and asking for attention and isn't running when mom tries to catch him.

Surgery is scheduled for all of them on May 20. So if you live in central Ohio or are willing to travel, let us know....  :)


  1. Glad that the decoders have helped the vacuum kitties be friendly! They're all so cute.

  2. It’s nice when the potentially troublesome ones can learn from the better behaved. We sometimes place with kittens adult males who are being too aggressive. For some reason, the kittens calm them down.

  3. Yay! I'm so glad that they are all doing well.

  4. What fun! They are all such cuties.

  5. That is so great that they are all getting along. They are just too cute. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Love those names for these little cuties! And how great that the collars show up so well on the cam!


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