Monday, May 13, 2019

family pictures

what are you staring at over there??

no kittens - over here

so close

look lady - just give it up

The kittens are doing very well together. Mom checked on them the other day and there were 4 out
of 6 kittens stacked up on the penthouse on top of the Kitty Kasas. The decoders are fine with their collars which is nice since it is easier to tell them apart in pictures and even on the web cam.

The vacuum kittens are doing so much better and are seeking attention and love from mom. She thinks that they were mostly jumpy due to Bissell being jumpy. It really does make a huge difference for kittens to have examples showing them that things are OK.

They are having a blast running around the foster room. Sometimes it is absolutely silent and you wonder if there are kittens in there are all, and other times it sounds like there is an army in there.


  1. These two litters make a formidable gang!

  2. Getting the kittens used to humans and other cats is terrific!

  3. hay ewe wee onez... lesson number 5: just keep starin coz it freekz out peepulz when ya due that...matterz knot WHAT ya stare at...just stare ;) ☺☺♥♥

  4. Oh my, the fun! Good to hear the vacuum kitties are learning from their room mates.

  5. Yes, good examples for kittens are important, I've found, too. I like the idea of adopting kittens together or, better yet, I think, into a home with an older cat.

  6. I'm always suspicious of quiet! But I swear sometimes my two sound like elephants running up and down the hall after each other!


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