Monday, April 15, 2019

where did those come from??

Before anyone even asks:
No - they are NOT in with Bissell and her kittens
No  - they will more than likely not meet Bissell and her kittens

Why not?
  1. these kittens are older and on a different vaccination schedule
  2. these kittens have runny eyes and the little ones should not be exposed to that
  3. no one has ANY idea how Bissell would react and mom would never risk these kittens (or herself) to an angry momma cat

Here's the got a text from our vet tech friend Miss A. A client of theirs had a cat who got pregnant and she needed to find homes for the kittens. She agreed to turn the boys over to us, her sister is taking the one girl, and mom will be spayed.

They are all black (mostly - a little bit of white on the underside of two of them) and all male. They tested negative for FeLV and FIV. They are 7 weeks old today but very small for their ages. Thankfully they are SUPER friendly. Unfortunately they are nearly impossible to tell apart. MOL

Miss A put vet wrap on two of them when they were being tested so she could tell them apart. Since it doesn't stick to the kittens and is stretchy, mom is leaving it on for now.

Mom did put up the play pen as a barrier into the hall and gave them some room to bounce around with her sitting there. Since Bissell is in the foster room, these guys are in the bathroom. As mom sat there, the girls all wandered around. Ivy really doesn't care, Daiquiri and Chanel hissed at them, and Goldfish really wasn't sure what to think. 

Names have not been specifically assigned, but we have picked them out. Meet: Cipher, Enigma and Puzzle. AKA the #decoderkittens


  1. They are too cute. Glad you took them in. What a good idea to put vet wrap around their necks. Thanks for taking the kittens in. Have a marvelous Monday.

  2. Oh, a trio of black kittens! Marvelous! Since Da Boyz chew off every collar that I've put on tell them apart...I just call each black cat 'Handsome!' until I can figure out which one is which...

  3. Hey, vet wrap as kitten ID collars is a good idea. It comes in a million colors, is stretchy, and won't hurt anyone.

  4. It's never dull at your house at kitten time, is it? We sure hope these little ones get over their runny eyes and put on weight. What cuties!

  5. Cuties! It's definitely the season for kittens.

  6. Vet wrap is a smart idea ! Nice to meet those cuties ! Purrs

  7. Glad they are friendly. Great names!
    Thanks for all this work you do. I know how time-consuming it can be.


  8. guyz...we dunno how yur mom doez it; we had ta pix out namez for ewe noe whatz... N sure it waz a fake post any way; but still ~~~~ grate namez for theez wee onez !! ☺☺♥♥

  9. What cuties! You’re gonna have your hands full. :)

  10. They are so adorable! Good idea with the vet wrap!
    Cam and Maggie


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