Wednesday, April 17, 2019






That momma cat is still pretty slappy with mom. The other morning mom had finally has enough and gently shoved Bissell out of the way when she was getting grabby. Bissell stood there and looked a little confused but did stop and think about it. So she is definitely still a work in progress.

The clear baby box is out of the room. Everyone had figured out how to get in and out and it seemed a little crowded in there, so mom spread out the blankets and removed the box. Of course, she walked in Monday morning kittens. They were all curled up with each other in one of the kasas we have.

The kittens are doing very well. Dyson has a very large opinion of himself and seems to think he can hiss at mom. So she picks him up and kisses him. No accidents in the kitten room and mom has seen kittens in the litter box - so YAY. Plus she gave Bissell some canned food last night and Dyson was over there "helping" his momma with dinner (and growling at her - that boy is a brat).

Oh, but before the box was removed.....


  1. So adorable. Heh ... there's one in every crowd.

  2. Oh that Dyson is so darn cute. Look at that white tip on his tail.Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

  3. Dyson is going to get slapped by his cat-mom if he keeps that up.

  4. Dyson is such a character, MOL ! Purrs

  5. Look at that sweet little boy. Oh what a treat. *smooch smooch*

  6. Mom bean says there is nothing cuter than a kitten. We'll get her back for that...but they are all pretty adorable!

  7. sum bodee ree minds me oh me bout oh...ten monthz ago !!! 984 pawz up little dood yur mooovee kix @@@ !!!

    ;) ♥♥

    mackerull boomer junior butterfeeld

  8. That Dyson is a character! And the white tail tip - irresistible!

  9. Ha! Dyson made us smile real big with that goofing off!

  10. Gotta concur- that Dyson sure is one little character. Believe it or not for a large older gal I can play like that when mom wiggles her fingers under the blanket on the bed. Makes me paw and chase it around like I think there's a mouse under there or something. I know we cats are extremely intelligent, but...


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