Monday, April 22, 2019

weekend report

We have birds that build nests in our gutters and also bang occasionally on the windows. While it drives every cat a little nuts, those birds seem to be taunting Chanel and Goldfish.

Chanel got the cone off this weekend. She is just so terribly pitiful and mom isn't sure she is eating with it on anyhow. Dr F took off the big bandage on Friday. She suggested a sock to cover it and keep stuff out while letting it breathe. She even gave us some vet wrap to use to keep it on. The sock didn't even stay on overnight. MOL But is looks SO much better and seems to be either healed over in one spot or scabbed over, so mom gave up, left off the sock and removed the cone. As of last night Chanel was doing laps around the condo chasing Goldfish, so we are sure she is feeling fine.

Can you stand the cute??
Roomba and Hoover in one of our Kitty Kasas

Hoover LOVES to have his belly rubbed.

The vacuum kittens are still a little shy. Mom has to sit with them for a few minutes before they will come over and act friendly. They are having a blast playing in the kitten room however. In fact, Bissell was playing with them the other day and the floor pads were all over the place.

The decoder kittens are doing well also. They are pretty small though so mom is making sure they get plenty to eat. And....their mom was spayed so that problem is taken care of. Mom got to see her last week - turns out she is only 9 months old. And she is pretty tiny.

Could you all do us a favor and send some purrs to our friend Miss Connie over at Tails from the Foster Kittens? She had 2 momma cats from not great starts and the one was pretty sick. That mom seems to be doing better, but all of her kittens have since passed away. It is so very hard as a foster to love these fragile lives and do everything we can only to lose them.


  1. I lose my Wifi for a couple of days, and all heck breaks loose! Over to Connie's blog now...

  2. The cute is definitely, including with Chanel and Goldfish!

    Our purrs most definitely go to Miss Connie and all the kitties in her care.

  3. So much cuteness, thank you for the fix ! We send tons of purrs to Miss Connie during these hard times. Purrs

  4. You've had your hands full this weekend. That is so sad about Connie's kittens. :-(

  5. We're sending purrs to Miss Connie. The birds here sit on the air conditioners and taunt us. Sometimes they sit on the ledge where we can't see them but can hear and smell them!

  6. When they run about playing or chasing, then they are feeling well. Chanel may try to win sympathy from time to time, though.

  7. guyz....we haz werdz for thoz bass turd burdz but thiz iz knot R blog sew we gotta leeve de werdz in R mindz eye ~~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  8. Already left purrayers for Connie - POTP for you and all your crew ! Glad Chanel seems to be OK !

  9. The birds outside always taunt me too! They'll get theirs eventually ... ~Bear Cat


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