Friday, November 23, 2018

Random Fridays

We hope all of our US friends had a good turkey day yesterday. Since mom stayed home, she made chili....which we are led to believe is not traditional. MOL

all five kittens - though not a great picture

all packed up and ready for shipping

Goldfish is just learning about this Amazon thing and is
amazed at the things you can buy online

A friend sent us some things and the one box didn't make it out of the living room. It has been occupied by every one of the girls at one point or another. So far Daiquiri hasn't started shredding it yet either, so it can stay until the destruction princess does some damage.

Mom hasn't seen Allie our feral girl in a few days. But she did see a brown tabby come out of the garage Monday night when she was coming home. She is going to give him/her a few days to get comfortable and then set the trap to get the cat fixed. 


  1. We think the picture of all the kittens is terrific. And boxes are just the best. You all have a super day.

  2. Beautiful kitten photo! And that box is just purrfect!

  3. I'd like to trap a semi-feral fellow at my apartment building but my neighbours are rather apathetic about it, and I need their co-operation. Sigh.

    1. I can deal with apathetic so long as they leave my trap alone & don't interfere

  4. Kitty pile-up, very cute! Good luck trapping the new cat and we hope Allie shows up soon.

    Purrfect box!!

  5. Hopefully Allie will be back soon, especially with the cold weather ahead! Sounds like you're going to be busy with the new feral kitty in the meantime!

  6. Have I mentioned that The Hubby has yelled to several newly-arrived stray cats, that they'd better watch out or I'm going to give them the 'snip snip'! So far, his tactic has worked: none come back a 2nd time. I hope that Allie shows up again, and good luck on the trapping!

  7. Paws crossed you are able to trap that brown tabby!

  8. We hope you catch that tabby. And that Allie returns.

  9. That box sure does look like fun. And chili for Thanksgiving sounds awesome. :)

    Good luck catching that brown tabby!

  10. There is no such thing as a bad picture of kittens ! Good luck with your trapping.


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