Monday, February 12, 2018

weekend report

A fairly quiet weekend here (except for 2 hours of mom yelling at the TV during basketball). Mom ran some errands Saturday morning and then did some chores around the house. There was an adoption event on Sunday. Chanel went along for company. She was fascinated by the other animals and met a couple of dogs. One was a very well behaved boxer that managed to get behind her and sniff her ear. She jumped back and hissed but was otherwise not too shaken.

A couple of weeks ago mom bought a new ess scratcher. Chanel has never seen one of these before and was fairly interested. She is strange about new things in the wonders if she was a guard dog in a past life. If something new shows up, Chanel will stare at it, sneak up on it, sniff it, walk away and ignore it. And then after a couple of days of it being in the house, she will check it out again and play with it.

As you can see, it has met with her approval. She likes the toy on the one side but also lounges on it. Mom suspects the toy may not survive very long between Daiquiri and Chanel.

A quick update on Ivy. Her ear got crusty again a couple weeks ago and mom was having to catch her and medicate her (oh joy). However, this round seemed to work and she hasn't had any issues since. Hopefully the meds worked better this time and it won't happen again.

those whiskers are fabulous


  1. I have one and I love it. I can't wait 'til they come out with a 'T'! - Tom

  2. Chanel, sure looks like you are enjoying that scratcher. It looks so comfy. You all have a great day.

  3. I've never seen an ess scratcher with a dangley toy, so they must not last long! Glad Ivy's crusties have gone away (paws crossed!)

  4. I hope Ivy's ear clears up quickly.

  5. Hey, a cat can't be too careful, after all.

  6. Chanel sounds like a normal cat to me.

  7. That ess scratcher looks like a lot of fun ! We hope Ivy's ears heals nicely. Purrs

  8. Ivy, you have such beautiful whiskers!!! We hope your ear stays healed up!

  9. Chanel, once I was at the pet store, and some friendly dog got too friendly and kept sniffing my butt! I didn't hiss, but I asked my human to make him stop.

    I hope Ivy's ear is better for good!


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