Wednesday, February 21, 2018

stroller wars

Wait? I thought that was MY stroller. 
What is Daiquiri doing in it?

A little help here mom?

OK fine....I'm going in.

Daiquiri thought she could make it her own private fort. Chanel had other ideas. When Chanel decides she wants something that someone else already has, she plays very passive about it - just get up and get close and wait for the other cat to change their mind. In this case it didn't quite work - Daiquiri whapped Chanel in the head a couple of time and Chanel decided she had better places to be. But hey - at least we know 2 cats will fit in there. 


  1. Guess you had better be quicker getting in the stroller, Chanel. Glad you are liking it so you can go ride around town in it. It would be neat if you could both go but guess that is a lot to ask for. Do they come with dividers?? You all have a great day.

    1. Daiquiri would rather do anything than actually leave the house - no worries about sharing :)

  2. Yep, we guess that's one way to find out how many fit!

  3. Nobody squeezes in better than a kitteh.

  4. Chanel, pretty soon, you'll be all full grown, and you can give back as well as you've gotten!

  5. It looks like Daiquiri is not ready to share "her" stroller yet ! Purrs

  6. It'd be nice if the two cats in there decided to share! MOL

  7. Good job holding your own Daiquiri.

  8. I guess Daiquiri doesn't want to share right now. MOL.

  9. Sounds like Skippy.. although he go slowly, he is persistent like the tide.. there is just no stopping him


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