Thursday, February 22, 2018

chick-hen canned foodibles

 we received this product at no cost in return for our honest review. receiving the product does not influence our opinions. all opinions expressed are our own.

This month from we are reviewing I and Love and You canned food in chicken, turkey and cod (12 pack - 4 cans per flavor). Mom broke out a chicken flavor for us to try. The foods are all grain free and made in the USA. All three do have cranberries, spinach and carrots though, so keep that in mind.
samples all laid out

it attracts the crowd

It gets 4 paws up. For whatever reason Ivy rarely shows up for canned food trials. Maybe due to the way mom puts it out or whatever. She will eat canned though so we suspect it might be the company she would have to keep in the living room. MOL

Mom does say that next time she will break it up a little more with a fork. She split the can into four segments to fit the tray and it stayed in pretty big chunks. Both Spud and Chanel seemed to put some work into the nomming, so it must be pretty dense in texture.

All in all, those who agreed to participate liked the offering and were asking for seconds!!


  1. Sure looks like yummy food. Great review too. You all have a great day.

  2. Ivy doesn't eat with ::sniff:: the PEASANTS, are you CRAZY? :)

  3. Well, that's a four-paws up (or eight paws?) review!

  4. some cats just don't think wet food is worth competing for.


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