Monday, July 10, 2017

Panache and kitten update

Panache and the kittens are doing very well. The kittens are gaining weight like they should. Panache is eating more and getting more and more comfortable. In fact, the other morning she rolled close to being on her back to feed the kittens out of the carrier. Then she put her head on mom's foot and laid there nursing her kittens. It was pretty sweet.

The kittens are getting more mobile and coming out of the carrier. Panache seems ok with it though they seem to toddle back in there to sleep.

 Fish and Foxy

her eyes are a little watery still but she is feeling much better



not sure what Foxy did, but Mallard is amazed


  1. Glad everyone is doing better. The kittens are getting cute now. Sounds like Panache is getting a little more friendly.

  2. What a beautiful little family. It's amazing what a safe place and a full belly can do for a kitty.

  3. I'm glad this little family is doing well!

  4. We're glad they all are doing well. Purrs

  5. look at ewe wee onez....ewe IZ gettin big !!! bee for ya noe it ewe will bee lion size !!! ♥♥☺☺

  6. We're so glad the little family is doing so well.

  7. Oh they are soooo cute! We're happy to hear that Panache is feeling better and getting more comfortable.

  8. Ah, it's good to read that progress has been healthy and happy.


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