Friday, April 28, 2017

Random Fridays

Armani says - enough with the camera
(actually mom was tickling his belly - MOL)

Miss Connie asked (a while ago) where we got our " C A T" art. That is a genuine, one of a kind, original art work from the kid (aka mom's niece). She made it for mom for Christmas last year.

Also, last Friday there was a comment about the window screen inserts.
The comment was that the window was up and not flush with the insert and the insert could be pushed out. While it does look that way, what isn't really apparent in the picture is that the screen extends and fits side to side into the window rails themselves - meaning the screen is actually pushed into the window frame and has to be maneuvered to get them back out. That is a terrible explanation, but let's just say we appreciate the concern however no cat is getting that insert out themselves.

It is supposed to be nice here this weekend, though maybe rainy. Mom discovered the other day that Daiquiri is actually afraid of thunder. One big BOOM and she is GONE! Poor baby....  Otherwise nothing too exciting. 


  1. That first picture is just the best. Armani, we way hi to you too. The art is terrific. Have a great day.

  2. That was a great explanation of your window screen insert. We have regular screens on our windows and thankfully, air conditioning for the hot months. Even with secure screens, we're sure that if anyone figured out how to get through one, it'd be our Tessa. She's a handful!

  3. The art work is furry nice! Have a great weekend efurrybody.

  4. The foster cat room is really nice. I like the artwork.

  5. Well, I know that you've made sure that all of the kitties are safe and sound, and unfortunately there isn't a lot we can do about thunder. Angel too is very frightened, and although we try to calm her, or make nice hidey holes for her, she always goes somewhere else and prefers to go it alone.

  6. "No cat is getting that insert out themselves." Famous last words in MOST situations ... however, it doesn't sound like even the most stubborn cat could "liberate" this one :)

  7. Look at his little footy-foot!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!

    Sorry. Our mom needs her own blogger ID.
    It IS mighty cute, though!

  8. The mom really wants to tickle Armani's belly too.

  9. We can't blame Mom for tickling Armani's floofy belly. We'd do the same! :)

  10. Love that photo of Armani. He really does look like he is asking for the pawparrazi to step back!


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