Friday, April 7, 2017

Random Fridays

Millicent (probably called Millie) and the kittens are doing well. Mom has to remember to check the web camera before leaving for work since she left in  hurry on Wednesday and then discovered the camera was off. (wish we knew what causes it to work well for a while and then turn off for no reason - the only reset is to turn the router off and on and obviously that only happens if mom is at home)

Even after a couple of days Millie was being a little growly with mom. Not around the kittens - she doesn't seem to mind if mom handles them though she will come over to check things out of mom picks one up and they howl. This is more when mom comes in and is petting her or trying to get her food ready....Millie will rub all over, let mom pet her and then seems to get overstimulated and a little growly. She has put her teeth on mom twice now - not breaking skin and not being aggressive - almost like she isn't sure what else to do. After talking it out with some foster friends, mom is putting rescue remedy in Millie's water and is going to find a toy that she likes to see if getting her to play some will work out the kinks. Certainly nothing to worry about, but mom wants to keep an eye on her behavior all the same.

boy, boy, girl, boy, girl
so far the only one with a definite name is Armani - he is the
tuxie boy with his arm over his sister in this picture

paws up
(this is the smaller orange boy in the top picture)

girl, boy, girl, boy

keep the foods coming lady

the two tuxie girls and their brother

They should be pretty easy to tell apart and mom will try to get good pictures of their faces over the weekend. One orange boy is solid, the other has some white on him (see the picture above). The tuxedo kittens all have different facial markings. It is just a case of getting them to hold still long enough for the camera to focus. MOL

Nothing too exciting this weekend. Mom did buy a new bed that will come next week so she is going to clean the bedroom well and try to catch all the fuzz bunnies under the bed (can't call them dust bunnies since they are mostly fur). Otherwise she will most likely be in the foster room with Millie and the kittens.


  1. Good heavens, they are so cute. Hopefully Milly will get a little better with time. Just a time of adjustment.

  2. The one orange boy seems to be HUGE compared to the others! Moose! Sounds like you've got a handle on Millie's growlies; hope the Rescue Remedy helps her. And you are SO RIGHT about the bunnies under the bed...they are FUR, not DUST around here too!

    1. he is certainly bigger than his of the girls is chunky too. plans to weigh them over the weekend

  3. aaah.. tortie moms... they are the most.. well you know.

    Paws up is freakin adorable.

  4. Maybe Millie is just a tortie with 'tude?

  5. millie...ewe N yur wee onez total lee rock !!

    we can never see de camera actshun; it all wayz comez up two like a general page?? may bee we iz doin sum thin wrong....

    lookin forwerd ta seein more way cute fotoz...happee fry day two one all ~~~~ ♥♥☺☺

  6. Millie sounds like a true tortie! Which I have a soft spot for, since I have one.

  7. Poor Millie. She's just trying to understand what's happening. Her babies are so cute.

  8. Oh look how cute the babies are! Paws crossed Millie comes around soon.

  9. Did you really call that poor little girl chunky? MOL

  10. The kittens are precious...duh! Millie is just showing her tortitude. We wouldn't expect anything less. We are excited to have the opportunity to see these darlings grow and mature. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  11. Millie is so beautiful, and her babies are adorable!

  12. The kittens are simply adorable. Mom bean is especially enamored of the little ornj kitty...of course. We send our purrs for Millie too.

  13. Those kittens are so cute.... The little one showing his paws up is priceless ! Purrs

  14. Awww...precious little souls! And the name Armani is perfect! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang


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