Monday, March 6, 2017

Fun Facts about Names Day

We can't make this stuff up - in fact, this is where mom goes to find these days.
   *Also, sorry this is a little late today

However, in the spirit of the day, we will give you some fun facts about OUR names:

so named as he was a tiny fuzzy kitten and desperately needed SOME name
to put on his medical records to be tested

named with his brother Picasso as foster kittens
more commonly known as Mo

part of a group of flower named kittens: Iris, Daffodil, Rose, Ivy and Lily
nicknames: Princess, Watermelon

named as she was added to a group already here with alcohol names
nicknames: Daiq, the brat, bratowski

he was 2 when adopted and he and Tim came with their names

needed a name for medical records and we had seen a big 
orange tom in the neighborhood, presuming it was his daddy


  1. Most of my cats have their foster names then their adopted names.. It might be fun to do a similar post with that info..

  2. We love the names! I am Polargold's Margaret Thatcher! Our kennel name is Polargold and our little theme was "Woman Warriors"! Margaret Thatcher (the other one) was a great Cold War warrior!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  3. WE think those are great names. We usually get really weird names around here and they usually have to do with our colors. Good idea to explain the names.

  4. We love hearing how your bunch got their names!

  5. I love hearing the name history! When Sammy the feral showed up, I called him New Guy, or Guy. I trapped him for TNR, but had started a new job, so The Hubby had to stand in line at the low-cost spay/neuter clinic to get him checked in. The Hubby couldn't remember what I was calling the cat, so he fished around in his memory and re-named him Sam, after his grandfather.

    1. we often wonder how many names get attached quickly cause someone had to fill out a form :)

  6. I like the history of names, any names. All mine but one came with their names. They were foster cats who stayed, so I didn't feel I had the right to re-name them. Josie wasn't a foster, but she was a trial-adoption, so I didn't feel I could change her name after I had used it for several months. Only Tungsten let me give her a new name. That was the name I was always going to give to a pet when I eventually bought one home. She was my Tungsten.

    1. love that. Tim and Tom came with their names and weren't changed either

  7. Naming can be so much fun! Also fun to see the backstory to names.

  8. We enjoyed reading the stories behind the names ! Purrs

  9. guyz...what a grate post; we N joyed heerin bout how ya getted
    yur namez ...tho spud, honest lee N troo lee....we thinked yurz came
    frum de fact ya liked.... de potato ~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  10. I was named by my breeder... and my human kept it. Summer does suit me, though, doesn't it?

  11. We were both named from the shelters we came from. Mommy thought our names suited us so she kept them.

  12. Our Mom takes cat naming very seriously.

  13. You all have great names. One day we should play this game too and tell how we were named.


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