Monday, November 14, 2016

weekend update

Not much exciting around here. Mom watched some sports on TV and yelled some, but that isn't really new this time of year. MOL

The brandy kittens went to an adoption event on Sunday. They are FINALLY over 2 pounds and are scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. They are all super friendly at the house with mom. Chambord did great at the event. Calvados and Kirsch were a little freaked out at first but settled in pretty well. Poor Calvados was first into the cage and then a couple at the dog wash set off a dryer...he lost it. Lucky for him the dog wasn't too happy about the noise either, so the couple stopped it pretty quickly.

Daiquiri actually got to meet the brandy kitten late last week. She wasn't all that interested but the kittens gave her the full "freaked out" routine. Thankfully she doesn't care when they do that.

The patriot girls are getting pretty social and are scheduled to be spayed on Wednesday as well.

Mom ended up taking Dandelion back to the v-e-t on Saturday. His lungs look better but he has some serious snot so they added another drug to his routine for a few days. The v-e-t also took an x-ray of his leg since he is still limping and in fact Thursday night was hopping around not putting any weight on it at all. Nothing broken or torn (thank heavens).....Dr B could see a bruise on the bone of his upper right back leg though - he must have hit pretty hard on something. Poor boy. He still isn't very active, but he should be on the mend soon. Mom couldn't resist the picture above. The back leg sticking straight out is the one he hurt. Notice the tongue sticking out....  MOL


  1. We hope that sweet boy Dandelion will soon be up and about again.

  2. Here's hoping the adoption event starts stirring up some furrever homes for everybody! Dandelion, what the heck did you do to yourself? Take care, big guy!

  3. Actually, it sounds as if quite a bit was going on there. How did Dandelion hurt himself? These kids always manage to knock themselves around a bit. Hopefully, the kittens will do better at their next event.

    1. mom thinks it is from falling off the minute he was there, the next he was gone

  4. Sounds like all your kittens are on the move - it'll be time for new ones soon! I'm sending purrs to Dandelion -he sure needs it right now.

  5. Good luck to the little ones. We're sure they'll be in their furever homes soon.

    Oh, poor Dandelion, we sure hope he's over the snot soon and he heals from his fall. We are sending our purrs his way.

    Sasha, Sami & Saku

  6. Hope Dandelion is feeling better soon! Paws crossed.

  7. Poor Dandelion, seems to be having a little bad luck. Hope his leg gets better and his cold goes away too. Hope the little ones find a home soon.

  8. Good luck to the kittens getting spayed and neutered.


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