Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Have a Party with Your Bear Day

Mom occasionally clicks on this link that show different days of the year. Some are interesting, some are fun and some are just plain weird. However, she found out today is Have a Party with Your Bear Day and decided to see if she could get the brandy kittens to participate.

Kirsch was first up to check out the new guy in the foster room.
She found him uninteresting and left fairly quickly.

Calvados was next up to see what was going on. He gave the new guy a good sniffing, but couldn't seem to get any reaction.

"Hey lady - who's the new guy??"

Chambord sniffs out the situation

They finally sent in the princess after telling her that there was an intruder in the castle. Even she couldn't get a reaction out of him.

Seems the bear wasn't in the mood to party and the kittens just gave up....


  1. Guess the bear didn't smell funny. The bear looks like a fun friend. You all have a great day.

  2. Bear Cat does unspeakable things to the stuffed animals around here ;)

  3. Maybe that's a castle guard bear and he was just doing his job like the Buckingham palace guards do. Those guards don't move much and they wear bearskin hats. You have a whole bear without a hat. Hmmm, coincidence? Maybe...

    1. the castle does have turrets - maybe he was just laying down on the job

  4. Yep, nary a kitten has a use for that bear!

  5. That bear doesn't sound like much of a partier!

  6. Poor bear. I guess he wasn't fun enough for those kittens!

  7. It looks like that bear fell asleep during the party ! Purrs

  8. guys...we dunno....last time we invited sum bearz two a partee they made off with all de salmon we catched.....faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  9. MOL! Perhaps the bear was hibernating.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  10. Somebuddy forgot to tell the bear that it was party day.

  11. Well, the kittens obviously wanted a little more conversation. Just saying! :)

  12. It's party time little bear!!!:) We just want to have some fun.....


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