Thursday, October 27, 2016

didn't they used to be black kittens

Taking a page from other fosters, mom finally found a short wand toy and took to waving it over the heads of the kittens the other day. Worked like a charm....
Calvados and Chambord

Chambord, Russell and 
Kirsch (notice how white she is getting and the ring on her face)

Russell, Saldano, Kirsch and Calvados

Calvados is all about getting Saldano out of his way

As you can see, all three brandy kittens are going silver/white. Chambord doesn't have as much on her face, so the nice thing is that mom can tell the girls apart much easier now. Calvados was the first mom noticed going silver, but again with the short hair it is more obvious. The girls have always had a gray undertone to their coats but were still very much black until recently. It will be interesting to see if this continues or what....
for reference purposes....
you can see the gray undertones on the girls, but geez


  1. All the kittens are just so squee! I bet they loved the fishing pole toy play session :)

  2. What cute little kittens - we bet they had lots of fun playing with the wand toy.

  3. My friend swears that black kitties turning to silver are called 'smoke'. Something about the light undercoat growing out. She swears that smoke cats are highly desired. Thought I'd pass that along. Know what I think? That they are adorable and I want to throw myself in the middle of them and have a kitten party! Anyone else?

  4. fascinating. I wonder if it is permanent or if it will fade away.

    1. that will be interesting to see....if it is a stage and they go back or what

  5. They are so cute, whether they turn out to be really black or not.

  6. They've been left in the sun too long: they're fading!

  7. They are cute, and such a difference in colour now.

  8. How interesting that their fur color is changing. Still cute as ever, though.

  9. Looks like they're just trying to keep you guessing!


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