Wednesday, September 7, 2016

blended family

Well, Monday was a holiday and mom used that time to make sure the new blended family was going to work. She moved one kitten Friday afternoon and Marilyn was fine with it. She licked her right away and when mom checked later, everyone was nursing.

Russell and Monroe seem more confused than anything else.... Mom thinks the kittens are probably all about the same age, but Fiona's kittens are much smaller. Mom is going to move the scale and start a chart, but for now it is pretty visible.
Russell and Monroe are interested in the kibble that Marilyn is eating
Not sure how much they are ACTUALLY eating, but at this stage
is it a lot of "monkey see monkey do" and that is how they learn.
Marilyn has learned to grab a mouthful and eat elsewhere. MOL

Marilyn and the first black kitten from Friday night

Monroe was actually nibbling on Marilyn's toes

All five kittens are healthy and active. One of the black ones slipped out of the bathroom door on Monday afternoon and went marching down the hall liked he owned the place. They are all so curious about everything. Teeth coming in and getting a little more coordinated. Mom suspects they will be eating more and more on their own soon. She put some canned out but Marilyn ate most of it before mom had a chance to get the kittens to try it.


  1. What a good cat you are Marilyn to take in those kittens. That is great. That little black one is so cute. Glad things are working out.

  2. What a good momma to take in the other kittens. So glad it worked!

  3. Marilyn is a good Mama ( even if she ate most of the canned food :) ).

  4. You are so sweet Marilyn!!! It's so nice you take in those kittens. Liked the pictures too!!!Samantha

  5. cats are programmed to raise their kittens communally.. so accepting someone else's kittens means that her kittens will also be cared for if the need arises.

  6. waves two ewe all, high paws two ewe marilyn for helpin out de wee onez ~~ ♥♥♥

  7. So glad to hear your "blended family" is doing well!

  8. What a good mom is Marilyn! The kittens are freaking adorable too.


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