Tuesday, July 5, 2016

weekend update

If it weren't for the fireworks banging outside, it would have been a perfect weekend. The weather cooled off some and mom opened the windows.

With the long weekend, she got stuff done early on Saturday. The cable guy came over and discovered we didn't have cable to do a fault connection. Fixed with a simple new cable. sigh....

The kittens are still fairly snotty but are getting better. And Hemlock and Sumac are getting friendlier (relatively speaking of course). They are all big enough that once they are feeling better, they will get spayed and neutered and then up to the adoption center.

mine ball....let's play fetch

enjoying some open windows and fresh air

will be hiding here until the banging stops

Fortunately the fireworks weren't too bad. There was some set off Saturday night that sounded like they were right under our windows. The kittens freaked out but rebounded pretty quickly. Daiquiri hid and then came out and found Junior for some sympathy. With the nice weather, the windows are open and it certainly is louder....but we want to enjoy the nice weather.

We also owe you an update on the flower kittens. Amaryllis is still at the offsite adoption location. She is doing well and seems to enjoy the big window by her cage. Dandelion got sick again and is in another foster home since we have the tree kittens. And....Muscari was adopted!!

Ivy spent most of Monday doing this:
Seriously....we don't think she moved all day. MOL 


  1. It was noisy here last night...not real bad, most of the noise was in the distance, but enough to make Zoey want to hide under the sofa. We're glad it's over now...though we know there will still be some crazy humans shooting off firecrackers all week. Yay for Muscari being adopted!

  2. Sounds like a great lazy weekend!

  3. It was more noisy here this year than ever. We were surrounded on three sides by people who apparently think the louder the firecrackers the better, sigh. Yay for the adoption! Here's hoping for more!!

  4. We all had a terrible night and I was so relieved when all the cats made an appearance this morning. A bunch of good cats here to stick around.
    Glad that Muscari got adopted. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  5. Paws up for Muscari! I'm glad things weren't too bad in your neighborhood, fireworks-wise.

  6. We're so glad to hear that Muscari was adopted. We bet Amaryllis will find a home in no time at all, too!

    The head peep has no idea about fireworks last night because she fell asleep at 8:00 and the worst of them were over when we woke her up insisting on bedtime snacks. Good help is so hard to find.

  7. conga ratz two ewe anda happee gotcha day two ewe muscari~~~ hooray N all de best
    two ewe in yur new for everz home; pawz crossed everee one else iz ree portin az grate nooze heer veree soon ♥♥♥

  8. I am glad Muscari got adopted. I hope Dandelion gets better soon.

  9. Way to go, Muscari!!!!!!
    It was super noisy here, but we were OK as long as we were in the house. We're glad it's OVER!!!

  10. Hi Jeanne, I really like your new look. Wanted to thank you for tweeting about the steel mill kitties. Really hope we can get them some help. Our no-kill shelter had to shut down for two weeks to sterilize entire shelter and send all the kitties to foster due to panleuk in six of 32 cats (all of which were guaranteed healthy) accepted from another shelter. Right now foster homes are scarce, and our Barn Cat Buddies funds are very low awaiting grant money. Thank you so much for your help in getting the word out. Hugs, Janet

  11. So glad everyone survived the weekend! We're quite glad to see the 4th in the rearview mirror!

  12. I'm glad the boomers weren't that bad. And yay for Muscari!

  13. Purrs for all the sick kittens, especially Orchid. So happy to hear that Muscari was adopted...we aren't surprised because he is soooo darn cute.

    Ivy, you had the best idea for the weekend.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  14. Hooray for Muscari.
    And Sweet Dandelion, nothing to worry, O.K. ? Me purrs for you.

    My new blog address : http://mrpuddy9.blogspot.com 

  15. We opened our windows too, which made the fireworks noise that much louder. Angel hid for awhile, then realized there was food and she ignored everything to eat! Chuck was too worried; he sat in the window as if there wasn't any noise at all.


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