Monday, June 27, 2016

weekend report

Juniper disapproves of mom's late posting....

Just a quick update. Mom spent the weekend with the kittens but also helped drive another bloodhound for rescue on Sunday morning. Ellie Mae is 11 years old and super sweet....just left behind by someone. She dozed for most of the hour trip with mom and landed safely in a foster home by early Sunday afternoon.

The kittens are all sneezy, so the spay and neuters mom had planned for Cedar, Alder and Juniper for today are being delayed. Silly is like they know those words and do it on purpose.

Mom did take those 3 to an adoption event on Sunday afternoon. Juniper freaked out a little at first but relaxed. Alder wasn't too sure about the whole thing but was eventually wrestling his sister and playing with a toy. Cedar was mr social butterfly....until nap time caught up with him. This is the store where Amaryllis is available for adoption but she is SO over kittens that she didn't even look in their direction. MOL


  1. Oh dear - it looks as though Cedar is waiting to be adopted.

  2. I swear kittens know how to do that sneeze trick..

    1. mom sent a text to the head of the rescue to let her know the kittens wouldn't be dropped off this morning. her response "of course they did. they knew"

  3. Those kitten are very well organized ! We're amazed ! Purrs

  4. Amaryllis did more than her share; she deserves a break from the kids.

  5. My human missed you at BlogPaws! I can't come because it's too long of a flight, with no stops, and she's not 100% she'll be there next year... but if she comes, she's considering finding an exceptionally social local rescue cat to bring with her. 'Cause she says BlogPaws needs more social kitties!

  6. How can somebuddy just leave a dog behind? Paws up to your mom for helping her out.


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