Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We are a #ChewyInfluencer household and get a product free each month in exchange for an honest review. Receiving the product doesn't influence our opinions - we ARE cats! MOL  

This month we got canned food from Nature's Variety. Mom thinks it was the chicken kind, but she didn't take a picture of the box or a can or anything....and she can't remember. We do know it is grain free and mom is trying to make sure she keeps us on that kind of diet.
Mom is trying to find a canned food we will all eat. While she says she doesn't think she will completely switch us all to canned, she would like to try to change one meal a day. So she broke out the expensive paper plates and put a serving out for all of us permanent residents.

Daiquiri and Tommy gave it a try

Mozart had to hold off an orange interloper

Spud was pretty enthusiastic

After sniffing every plate, we give it 3 out of 6. Spud, Daiquiri and Mozart ate their share. Tommy and Ivy sniffed it and walked away. Junior tried it, but didn't eat much.

Fortunately, the foster kittens like this kind and they were more than happy to eat the left overs.


  1. You guys are picky! We all love the Nature's Variety canned food!

  2. That is what it is like around here. If someone doesn't eat the food, the next one will eat it. I wish we could find a canned food that everyone would eat. It would make life so much easier.

  3. Great review. Good thing you have the foster kitties to clean up the leftovers :)

  4. Great reviews ! It looks like kids are less picky than adults he he ! Purrs

  5. kittens, almost as good as dogs when it comes to cleaning up left overs (or so I have been told)

  6. Kittens are like Mikey... eating anything!

    Did you change something besides the (awesome) theme on your blog? You dropped out of oure Feedly, and we can't figure out why. At any rate, we've got you re-added again so we aren't missing posts any more!

  7. Foster kittens on cleanup duty, perfect! :-)

  8. We like Nature's Variety...but we're slow eaters and it usually takes us several hours to finish it all.


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