Monday, May 30, 2016

2 months old - flower kittens

Two months old
(we know - or 9 weeks this coming Wednesday - we didn't make up the weird math)
March 30, 2016

Muscari - 2 pounds 11 3/4 ounces
Still the big boy of the family. He is a lover with his mom, his foster mom and his siblings.

Orchid - 2 pounds 4 ounces
She is cuddly and super sweet - though playful and seriously outgoing.

Dandelion - 2 pounds 9 3/8 ounces
He is always looking for a sibling to play with and is on the go!

 Once the kittens are gone, she will be almost ready to be adopted herself. She is young and playful and was a great mom.

Our mom was on vacation last week (more on that later in the week). Friday before she left, she was worried about Trillium and his continuing cough. She sent a text to the rescue and dropped him off Saturday morning so he could spend the week with someone who could keep a close eye on him. Mom got updates throughout the week and at one point he wasn't doing so well, but he rallied and while the cough isn't resolved, he is doing ok. He is with mom's friend Miss Beckie and is in great hands. Mom offered to bring him back here, but he is in with another sick kitten and Miss Beckie said she might as well keep him, which, while we miss him, is fine with us.

Since everyone has their first shots, are over 2 months old and weigh enough, mom will call tomorrow to get a time set up for their spay/neuter (except for Amaryllis who still has milk). From there it is to the adoption center and on to their forever homes. If you know of anyone in central Ohio who is looking for a great kitten (or two or three), let us know.

We don't want to forget also that today is Memorial Day here in the US. We remember those who served and gave their lives. Thank you to them and to their families for their sacrifice.


  1. Sighs. Almost ready to graduate kindergarten, they are. We puray for a great home for everyone. And for Trillium to kick that nasty cough.

  2. Oh boy are they growing up cute!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  3. Every one of those kittens is so gorgeous! We are crossing all our paws that they will find great homes, and Mom too! And that Trillium will recover completely very soon.

    The Chans

  4. We sure hope that Trillium gets all better and soon. That Dandelion is just the cutest in my opinion. Glad I don't live near you.

  5. Some humans in Ohio are going to be very lucky to have these babies! I'm sending purrs to Trillium to get better soon!

  6. I like Muscari's little Chaplinesque moustache. I hope Trillium recovers completely. It's tough starting life ill.

  7. They are all SO adorable! Maybe even especially the mama!

  8. They're so adorable! Purring that Trillium is better real soon.

  9. So cute, I know they will find homes quickly! C'mon, Trillium...get better, baby!

  10. Amaryllis is gorgeous. I hope she gets adopted quickly!

  11. Beautiful, all of them ! Get better soon Trillium !


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