Monday, February 1, 2016

weekend report

Yep - the drooly part was a transport....
This is Maggie - she was on her way from a high kill shelter to a foster home. Good luck says she was super sweet though not eager to get in the car (we can relate).

No - Nashville is not staying here

 We spent most of our weekend doing this. Mom was gone a good part of Saturday. She did some stuff around here, went and got her hairs cut, came back, did the transport run with Maggie and then was home again. Sunday was pretty quiet. The temperature outside SAID it was up to over 50 degrees F- but mom said it was VERY windy and didn't crack any windows.

Ivy did spend some time getting her inner princess exorcised. Mom finally grabbed Ivy on Saturday and gave her a pawdicure. Ivy then spent Sunday walked around the condo, giving mom "the look" and then sharpening her claws on the carpet. We think we may have actually heard mom growl....


  1. We had warms all weekend...sweet! Yay that Maggie is at her foster home now and safe. Ivy, such a pretty name.

  2. We're glad Maggie made it to a foster home :)

    Ivy needs to be super difficult like Jenna about claw clipping. The vet has to do it!

  3. Good luck to Maggie, one of the lucky ones.

  4. No - Nashville is not staying here - you sure about that ;)

    Fleurp had the same kind of weekend. Her claws were so long she couldn't walk across the bed any more with out getting stuck. She was some unhappy I trimmed them, that she even gave me the bitey of warning.. I swear I'm going to muzzle that girl next time I do them

    1. we should do a post about have to grab a towel and the clippers and put them in another room. then you have to wait an appropriate period of time until she no longer suspects something is up. then you have to grab the cat, run into the other room, shut the door, wrap up the cat in a towel, trim the nails and release the cat. honestly, the lead up takes longer than the actual trim. and then there's the screaming (from the cat, not the mom)

  5. I dunno... 50 sounds pretty cold to this southern California kitty, even without the wind!

  6. You sure look wedged in there. And it must have been a special doggie moon or something, cause woofies were eVERYWHERE this weekend.

  7. Always enjoy your weekend reports! Maggie is adorable and I'm so glad she made it out of the high kill shelter and is on her way to a foster home.

  8. No. Of COURSE Nashville isn't staying. Mm, hmm. Right.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  9. best dawg biscuits two ewe maggie....we hope yur in yur for everz by monthz end....N we total lee understand bout carz.......♥♥♥

  10. We had a little warmer weather over the weekend too...but not warm enough to have the Windows open. Phooey.


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