Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pet Dental Health #ChewyInfluencer

We are part of the Chewy Influencer Group and receive no compensation for our reviews. All opinions are our own. We did receive the food for free but it did not influence our honest opinion. 

For our Chewy review this month we decided to review the VetriScience Perio Plus feline bites.

Pet dental health is a big issue. Our grandma actually brushes Izzo the dog's teeth. Mom says she isn't that brave....plus most of us here wouldn't cooperate for that. Which means we need a healthy alternative.

As some of you may remember, Tim was diagnosed with stomatitis (article by Cornell Vet) and ended up having most of his teeth pulled due to inflamed gums and infected teeth. If left unchecked, it could have had serious effects on his long term health. He got to keep his fangs, but our v-e-t suspects he may have to have those pulled at some point too.

Our friends at Playful Kitty wrote a great article about stomatitis and our friend Miss JaneA wrote an article about dental health for Catster.

Here's the thing....the bites were WAY big. And not very chewy. Which means basically no one ate them except Mozart and Spud. Spud had one and walked away. Everyone else sniffed them, licked them and were uninterested. Mom even tried breaking them into pieces (which was easier said than done) and no one was interested.

Mozart loved them....and played clean up crew eating every treat that no one else would touch.

So, while Mo certainly benefited from the treats...and will more than likely get the whole dang bag over time....it certainly isn't anything we will be buying for ourselves. Nice idea - bad implementation. Oh well, can't win them all.....


  1. Sorry to hear these dental chews were a bust. I am going to brave trying to brush everyone's teeth later this week! Should be interesting...

  2. Keeping kitty's teeth clean is certainly an ongoing issue around here; the brushing hasn't worked well, and the liquid that goes into drinking water won't work, because no one drinks from the water bowls! Next kitty we get, we'll start the brushing thing when they are babies, just like the nail-clipping thing.

  3. Great review. The cats here just don't eat many treats so I know they wouldn't eat those. I guess I feed them all too much so they aren't hungry or something.

  4. My human has never felt those dental treats are all that helpful - she thinks that ideally humans should be more hands on with their cats' dental health, with teeth brushing, etc. Of course, this isn't always possible with some kitties!

  5. Mum doesn't brush our teeth, but she checks our mouth regularly. Dental treats can be helpful. Purrs

  6. Glad we went with the Greenies dental chews. I appreciate your honest review.

  7. call me selfish, but I'm kinda glad they didn't work for you. We've been using the powder form of that, and when i saw the treats I thought I should give them a go, but I'm so hesitant about what ingredients I feed Jack I skipped it. Now I'm glad I did..

  8. That's too bad. Those could be really good.


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