Monday, February 15, 2016

It's that time of year

When mom gets a little nutty for the woofies.....  Yep - the Westminster Kennel Club dog show is on tonight and tomorrow night. Mom breaks out the snacks and stays up late.

We know....we are all about rescue and everything else. But....we've never said that responsibly raised pure bred dogs are bad. There are bad breeders and there are evil puppy mills. Setting that aside, mom likes to see the different kinds of dogs. David Frey is the announcer and not only is he knowledgeable about the dogs, he calls it like he sees it - this isn't a dog for everyone, this dog requires a lot of grooming, etc.

While we don't have a dog, our extended family does....Izzo and Maple are both rescues from their local shelter. We will tell people over and over....rescue a dog from a shelter or check Petfinder for breed rescue. Or if you are certain you want a specific breed and have done your research, please find a RESPONSIBLE breeder.




  1. I enjoy watching the Dog Show too! But The X-Files are on tonight...hope the DVR can handle it all!

  2. I liked to watch Westminster but got rid of the television to reduce the cable bill. What I really enjoy is seeing rescue dogs get new homes :)

  3. I don't know much about dog breeds, but I do know lots about cat breeds, being a pedigreed cat myself, and I can say that that the percentage of people who have actual breed cats, from a breeder, not a rescue, is really, really small, and the responsible breeders, like mine and the the ones with the cats I show against, serve an important purpose in cat health and wellbeing - because of our controlled genetics, breeders and their vets can learn a lot about feline diseases, and controlling and curing them.

    1. yep - responsible breeders do it for the love of the breed :)

  4. Give me a dog who needs a home; that's my favourite breed.

  5. Very nice post - and YES, there are responsible breeders out there! Both Maggie and I come from the BEST! (We're a bit biased.)

  6. Good advice for all. Maple and Izzo look very sweet—good doggies both! And trhanks for the reminder about the big dog show! (Parental Unit thought it was next week...)

  7. We love the dog show too...though we admit, the last couple of years we've only watched the Best in Show part.

  8. Even though I love rescue dogs, it still fun to watch the dog show.

  9. guys....we due knot haza tee vee hooked up...iz bulldog even in de runnin ???

    happee bee lated heartz day oh love two all ♥♥♥


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