Friday, April 24, 2015

Random Fridays

Yep - still playing fetch. The new fetch toy is a green foam ball. Mom is looking for alternatives - while this one flies great and is easy for Daiquiri to pick up, it is falling apart and mom doesn't want Daiquiri ingesting any parts of it.

Not much planned for this weekend - mom was moaning something about spring cleaning. sigh...

Oh - and while we had some very nice weather last weekend and open windows, Mother Nature changed her mind again and now it is chilly here again. Mom even gave up on Wednesday and turned the heat back on. She says it is cause of Margarita and the kittens....sure, whatever works for you mom.  MOL

We hope you have a spectacular and relaxing weekend.


  1. That green ball looks well loved. :-)

    We haven't been able to turn our heat off at all yet, it's freezing. We've had SNOW this morning! :-O

    Here's to a sunny, warm weekend for us all!

    1. that is ALL kinds of wrong..... (the snow part that is)

  2. Yes, we had warms then very cold again...grrr...! The snow really pushed me over the edge, but now it's sunny and maybe, just maybe, it'll warm up again. I worry most about my 'o' cats; yes, they have shelter and straw and all that, but face it...they are living outside. C'mon Spring!

  3. I worry that my cats will swallow something they shouldn't. They are always picking tiny objects and carrying them. They always find something with which to terrify me.

  4. I have a favorite purple sparkle ball that I love to catch and carry around... but my human hides it from me because I started to kill it a little TOO avidly and she found some purple sparklies after I had used the litter box... you figure it out.

  5. heet iz bak on her in TT two....and snows !!! faaaaaaaaaaaaa

    tell mom ta take a brake thiz week oh end...N due sum thin nice for her selfs !!

    heerz two a frogmouth catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  6. Ooooh! Fetch! I like that game sometimes! What about one of those golf balls that's like a whiffle ball? That might last better and is still lightweight!
    Yours sincerely,

  7. We loooves the game of fetch, especially with those sparkle balls! And mommas afraid that SOMEkitty might have eaten the yarn off one of Mizz Ellen Ps crocheted balls, and she's watching all of us like hawks for blue poop.

  8. That ball certainly does look fetch-worthy! This weather is wacky. We had to turn our heat back on, too.


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