Monday, March 23, 2015

weekend report

Mom took the boys to an adoption event on Saturday. Fanta can't be adopted yet, but she figured it would be a good opportunity to get him seen.

It is tough being out in public and adored for being cute. 

There was a couple that came in and saw Faygo and filled out an application. But after mom checked with their landlord and called the couple back, they changed their mind. Sunday mom took Rootbeer and Faygo up to the adoption center. As mom was leaving a nice 20-something guy was filling out an application on Faygo. YAY!!!

The head of the rescue said to get Strawberry spayed, so mom is going to call and get her appointment set up for this week.

Mom spent the rest of the weekend yelling at the TV. The Spartans moved on, so more yelling next weekend. MOL


  1. Hurrah for Faygo, we hope it's a wonderful and true forever home.

    I try NOT to go into PetSmart or PetValu when they're doing their adoption events. I usually bawl because I can't stand it that they're homeless, and I want to take them all but of course can't.

    1. we get that....of course, these are the smallest guys in the rescue, so they are gonna go quick :)

  2. Who wouldn't want to take those two home as soon as one sees them?

  3. So adorably cute! Better to not be adopted than to be adopted and returned after a day or two, we say! Way to go Faygo!

  4. That is great Faygo that you might have a forever home. Good news. You all have a great day..

  5. Paws crossed for adoptions! Sounds promising so far!

  6. best oh fishes two everee one on yur new for evers home...

    N even tho we due knot haz tee vee hooked up... gram paw does... N him yelled at de tee vee a bunch az well ...him does that a lot on de "sports channel" for sum reezon ☺itz most lee FOUL language tho ♥♥♥


  7. Good luck to the kits! We purr that they find the purrfect homes.

  8. Way to go Faygo! We hopes you will be furry happy in your furever home.

    Good luck to Fanta and Rootbeer too, it will be your turn soon. We'll be purring for Strawberry too!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Yea, Faygo!!! That is great news - I hope everyone is happy forever!
    Our mom said to say thank you for the Oreo recipe - she is VERY interested in making the truffles!


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