Monday, November 10, 2014

weekend report

Well, there was another hound in the Beetle....
This is Leonard and he was on his way from a boarding facility that helps out OBR to a foster home. He was rescued with his love Lily who went to her home on Saturday as well. But in her case it is hospice....they are both young, but the vet found several tumors in Lily and a nice family decided to take her in to give her as much comfort as possible in her last few months. Leonard however is super sweet and available for adoption - he needs to put on some weight and gain some comfidence, but otherwise is doing great.

Speaking of hounds, remember Nala that mom helped move? She was adopted by her foster mom (in less than an hour after arrival) and is now Clover living with another 6 year old bloodhound named Humphrey. She fits right in and is giving Humphrey a run for his money. :)

Mom took Stoli and Sangria to the Petco for an adoption event on Saturday. There was an open cage, so they didn't come back with her. It is a little quiet with just Daiquiri and Kahlua here now. Hopefully the kitts will get adopted quickly....


  1. Poor Lily. Cancer is becoming as common in cats and dogs as in humans; our wonderful modern world and its chemicals. I'm glad Lily will be cared for until she passes away.

  2. Poor Lily was our first thought too. We're glad she'll have love and care for however long she has.

    We do remember Nala, good news for her! :-)

    Paws crossed for Leonard and for the kittens to find wonderful forever homes!

  3. I hope those babies get homes fast! My human says they were adorable and was kind of sad that Stoli did not like her much! (Well, she is NOT every kitty's cup of catnip.)

    1. Tell her not to take it personally - Stoli was about 13 bazillion kinds of freaked out that weekend...

  4. We are glad that Lily has the love and comfort she needs. Hooray for Nala!

  5. I'm so happy Lily has a good home to help her at the end of her life. Poor baby. Hope her pal gets adopted soon. Such a cutie.

  6. Glad that Lily has a home of her own to keep comfortable in
    Purrs the little ones get adopted fast

  7. Poor Lily, I am glad she has someone to give her love and care as she nears the end of her life.

  8. We are sad to hear that Lily went to hospice, but we're glad that she has a loving home for the days she has left.

    And the head peep is sad at the thought of Stoli and Sangria in a Petco cage. She is sure that Sangria with her perpetually concerned expression will charm someone in no time at all, and we are all crossing our paws that Stoli can go with her.

  9. Oh, we're just a tiny bit sad that Stoli and Sangria are in a Petco cage. We hope they're not there for long and find their furever home. (Ha! We used all three versions of "there" in that sentence!)


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