Friday, October 10, 2014

Random Friday

This is how we are spending the weekend.....

Oh and on the fountain front - it is SUPER quiet. Mom did say that the blue light is a little weird at night. She can't see it from her bedroom, but as she walked down the hall toward the kitchen the light flickers cause it is behind the water falling and it looked like we had tiny blue aliens landing in the kitchen. MOL

Our friend Miss Connie from Tails from the Foster Kittens is having a yard sale of some of her kitty stuff to raise money for treatment for her kitty Jack - he has had some major medical lately and so she gathered up some things and is having a sale (click here). Any support is appreciated. :)  We already got our order in!

Coral is the TINY black head near Jade's elbow 

Mom thinks she kinda looks like a tiny mouse here

6 months ago today, 4 little kittens were rescued during a mass TNR in a mobile home park. Hard to believe it has been that long. Happy 6 month old to Coral, Amber, Ash and Pearl (Mica too...he was about 3 days older).

Coral is eating a little better and getting feisty about taking her meds which mom is considering a good sign. In fact, she is beginning to put up a fight about taking her meds...which is good cause she must be feeling better, but mom isn't so happy about the fight. Mom also broke out the comb last night and Coral had a good time rubbing all over it and then rolling over and giving it a good bunny kicking.


  1. :) Thank you for sharing my auction.. (and for your participation)

    I just love that photo on the scale..

    Happy Half birthday Coral!

  2. That last picture is so precious--which two are those? Putting the pen in for perspective really puts things in perspective! I don't see the Coral picture--just a blank there.

  3. Never mind--I see all the pictures now!

  4. Happy six month birthday to Coral! It does sound like she is improving!

  5. coral..YAY !!! glad ya iz doin better...keep eatin N keep eatin sum more... then, eat sum mor... just for good meazure !! ewe knead ta haza contest with yurself ta gain XX poundz by Christmas ♥♥ Coral's Christmas Weight Contest !!

    a happee herring & halibut kinda week oh end two all ♥

  6. We're glad Coral seems to be doing better. Putting up a fight with the meds is a good sign. :)

  7. Coral, I have not stopped thinking about you, tiny girl.

  8. We are glad Coral is doing better..
    Have a great weekend!

    Noodle and crew

  9. we still wanna know how that fountain cleans up after a week. ours gets sooo goopy around the pump. If that one does better cuz of the UV light, we're IN!


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