Tuesday, August 5, 2014

weekend wrap up

**note from the mom: some of you may have seen this before - blogger gremlins posted it before they were supposed to. ugh...

Well, mom took Quartz, Coral, Ash and Calvin to a local Petco for an adoption event. And we got....

Quartz and Coral were spayed on Friday and did great. Quartz came home Friday night and was WOUND up!!! So she spent Saturday sleeping - preferably on someone (Ash in this case).

Coral was pretty hung over Friday night:
what are YOU looking at??

Oh, and Saturday night, mom made a discovery: remember how we took in the two older snotty kittens? And Miss Mona was a little confused about who was who. Well.....Calvin the Black was sleeping on mom Saturday night and was upside down. And.....Calvin is now Not-Calvin. Cause Calvin is....a GIRL!!!  Bwahahahaha

The snot seems to be improving, so not-Calvin, Winston and Ash will go up to the adoption center on Tuesday. Paws crossed for quick adoptions.  *note: Ash's eyes continue to run and non-Calvin started sneezing again.....so Winston will go up. sigh...

And now for some orangey goodness:




Sunshine is a great mom. And the kittens are getting a little more active - and no more coordinated. :)  They tend to walk along and then fall over.  Mom is handling them to get them used to her.


  1. Haha about Not-Calvin. :) Glad Quartz and Coral's spay went well. Purring for the kittens to get adopted quickly.

  2. Hope for quick adoptions! Thanks for working with them to find their forever homes.

  3. We know their furever homes are out there. Next time!

  4. Calvin had you all fooled! We hope the others find their forever homes soon. They're lucky kitties to have gotten such good care with you!

  5. Calvita! Or maybe Callie?

    We have our paws crossed that these cuties will find forever homes soon.

  6. Well, SHOOT! Maybe adoptions are down this time of year?

    MOL about Calvin-ETTE!!

  7. MOL about not-Calvin! Hmmm... how about Calvinia? Nope, that sounds too much like a disease!

  8. Life is sometimes funny... Calvinette is pretty too l! Purrs

  9. We love the orangey goodness kittens.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. I saw it and I have to say that ornj goodness there had MOM all fainty!

  11. Oh, we hope some nice people come through for them soon! Haha about Calvin, there's Calvinita, if she's has some Spanish blood.

  12. It's too bad about the adoption event - or non-adoption event, as it turned out. Some days are like that. Window shoppers only, I imagine.

  13. we are purrring for quick adoptions for efurryone. the mom loves the little orinch meniss kittens.

  14. Well, maybe non-Calvin could become Calvina. Love the orangey goodness. They are all so precious.


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