Thursday, August 14, 2014

kittens and more kittens

 Sunshine is a good mom....though she has some "teenage" moments. And is seriously distracted by mom when she comes in to visit.

Cuties in the sink...the only way mom could get them both to hold still. MOL

Top picture: Tange on the left and Clem on the right

Bottom picture: Tange in the front and Clem in the back

Tange is lighter in color and smaller than her brother.

 Jet and Coral getting goofy. Jet has been released from the playpen. She is having fun with the other girls though is still a little jumpy with mom.

Quartz - holding down the ess... (yeah yeah - it is a little beat up)


  1. What a lot of cute kittens - we hope they'll all get lovely families.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Those orange goodness! Sunshine has such pretty markings.

  3. The ess reminds me of my cat-trees. But that shows they are being used. And those kittens look like they have a lot of energy to use up.

    1. it is fun to watch them - over, under, through....they get more use out of it than anybody else

  4. Oh those orange kittens are just way too cute sitting in the sink. Bet they will find homes really soon. Everyone is having such a good time. Take care.

  5. I think I'll topple off the chair with the excess of kitten cuteness. Marg is right, I think, in that the orange kittens will be adopted pretty quickly. I have my fingers crossed they'll all find wonderful and true forever homes in due course.

    P.S. Our ESS looks far worse! LOL.

  6. guys....dee ess iz knot beat up...itz been loved ♥

    grate fotos oh de wee kittehz by de way !!

  7. Cute alert ! Kitten are always so cute and so much fun to watch ! Purrs

  8. The Ornjes are all adorable--Mommy and kits!

    Our ESS looks pretty bad, too. We like it that way!

  9. Sooooo cute! Good thing we don't live anyway nearby. The mom bean would be all over those ornj babies!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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